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Bryan-Michael Cox teaches art to composing R&B

Join your instructor 9x grammy music producer Bryan – Michael Cox as he educates aspiring music producers on the music industry. In this course you will learn everything from making beats with songwriters in mind, how to land publishing deals, beat placements to understanding what to look for in a production manager.

Lesson 1: Meet Instructor Bryan-Michael Cox


Lesson 2: Growing up in Houston Bryan-Michael Cox
  • Going to High School with Beyonce
  • Moment when I knew what I wanted to do in life
Lesson 3: Influences By Bryan-Michael Cox
  • The music my mother played around the house
  • Quincy Jones advice
Lesson 4: Moving to Atlanta Bryan-Michael Cox
  • Searching for recording studios to intern
  • Self check (when I knew my music was ready)
  • Contacting recording studios
  • Jazzy pha advice
  • Signing first deal gave me the confident
Lesson 5: Hardware Gear By Bryan Michael Cox
  • Equipment I started on
  • Set up I had in 2001
  • The success came as I invest in my gear
Lesson 6: Software Gear By Bryan-Michael Cox
  • Daw of choice
  • Go to VST Plugins
Lesson 7: Working in the Studio with Artist By Bryan-Michael Cox
  • Making usher records from scratch
  • Human ATM for creativity
Lesson 8: Challenging yourself as a producer By Bryan-Michael Cox
  • Why people are not challenging themselves
  • Producer Tags on beats
Lesson 9: Layering and leaving space in your beats By Bryan-Michael Cox
  • How I Layer instruments
  • How I compliment the main chord progression
  • Balance of space
  • Its about the song, Not the beat
Lesson 10: Counter Melody By Bryan-Michael Cox
  • Where the sauce lives
  • Enhancing the chord progression
  • Mary J Blige (Be without U) example
Lesson 11: Drums & Rhythm By Bryan-Michael Cox
  • The foundation
  • Quality sounds
  • Invest time creating own drum sounds
Lesson 12: Humanizing Beats By Bryan-Michael Cox
  • The vibe
  • something has to Live off the grid
Lesson 13: Swing By Bryan-Michael Cox
  • Finding the right swing
Lesson 14: Doubletime tempo By Bryan-Michael Cox
  • Speeding up tempos
  • How to get songs to live longer
  • 808 drum machine in our culture
  • Warnings to producers using the 808
Lesson 15: Synth Leads By Bryan-Michael Cox
  • Essential in R&B ballads
Lesson 16: Melody Synth Leads By Bryan-Michael Cox
  • Lead line solos
  • Simple is the key
Lesson 17: Tonality Synth Leads By Bryan-Michael Cox
  • What mood you are trying to set
Lesson 18: Songwriting 101 By Bryan-Michael Cox
  • Producers Leave room for the artist
  • Producers Leave room for the artist
Lesson 19: Songwriting story about Monica By Bryan-Michael Cox
  • Story of Monica

Lesson 20: Beat Placements By Bryan-Michael Cox
  • How the game has changed
  • Landing placements in this era
  • Why you need to discover an artist
  • Submitting music to major artist
  • Create & Grow
Lesson 21: Working with young producers By Bryan-Michael Cox
  • Teaching about the business
Lesson 22: Do you need a manager as a producer By Bryan-Michael Cox
  • What I look for in a manager
  • Managers can make or Break your career
Lesson 23: Publishing Deals By Bryan-Michael Cox
  • Hold on to your publishing
  • What to make sure you understand before signing
  • How deals are structured
  • How publishing companies look at producers
  • Why it makes sense for producers
  • How to negotiate song deals
  • What your up against
Lesson 24: Advice to your 20 Year Self By Bryan-Michael Cox
  • Life lessons learned
  • Advice on money
  • Advice on success
Lesson 25: Outro & final words By Bryan-Michael Cox
  • Submit your beats for Bryan-Michael cox to listen to
Lesson 26: How to submit your music for critique.
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