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10 Lessons all by Evin Groves

Total Duration 20mins

20mins total Duration of pure video content

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Beatmaker to Businessman - Taught by Evin Groves

Join your instructor serial entrepreneur Evin groves as he educates aspiring music producers on how to transform from a beat maker to businessman. In this course you will learn step by step how to go from someone who makes beats at home, to making a living off selling online.



Meet Instructor Evin Groves

Course Introduction – What we will be aiming for with lessons.  Starting the process of taking you from a beatmaker to businessman


Journey from Athlete/Producer to Businessman

Journey – Evin shares his personal story transitioning from college athlete to music producer.


Know the customer

Know the customers – Tips on why its important to know your customers.


How to name your beats

Learn how important it is to have proper beat titles that get customers attention.


Best websites for your beats in 2020

Learn which are the best websites for your beats in 2020


Own custom website

Learn which platforms are best for your own custom website.


Follow Successful blueprints

Learn how to become successful.  There is a formula all successful people use.


Time Management

Evin talks about time management.  Tips on how to make time for your goals.


Writing down goals

Learn how entrepreneurs accomplish personal and business goals.


More than a Beatmaker

Conclusion – You are more than just a beatmaker

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